Childhood perception of the incarceration

I was too young to realize what was happening.  It was all new and different but nothing seemed traumatic or horrifying.  It was an adventure. My memories are that the experience was mostly fun.

My family went through internment relatively unscathed because my father was able to maintain his practice in the internment camp and throughout our time in Alberta. Back in Vancouver, he continued his work as a doctor.

I have no recollection of wondering at the time why we were in Tashme.  At age 4, I did what I was told and followed my parents.  I do not recall having any negative experiences except that for feelings of isolation because of where we lived and I relished the opportunities to visit other families and meet and play with other children.  I have now come to know from talking with others of my age who were interned that internment was not a particularly negative experience but actually a fun time like being at a summer camp.


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