Going to school in Raymond, Alberta

My father used to come to the Raymond High School. There was one period during the week when the school allowed someone from some religion to come and talk. My father would talk to the Japanese students and say: Japan is great. You have trains and subways. We didn’t have Shinkansen then but still the trains would move precisely. My dad was trying to make these Japanese students feel a little more pride in their heritage. He tried to boost their morale because they were looked down upon. Later we found out that he was targeted by the RCMP because he said that sort of thing.

I remember a social studies teacher saying that the Japanese eat raw fish. Well, everybody eats sashimi now, right? There were quite a few times when the teachers would make disparaging comments about how the Japanese lived in bamboo huts and ate raw fish. A Japanese girl started crying because she felt she was being picked on. No one did anything to stop that kind of thing.

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