Anti-Asian racism

I remember a story from Mr. Rintaro Hayashi. He said there was a man living in Queensborough before the war. He was going to the market in New Westminster to take his vegetables. A Mountie flagged him down. He didn’t know what was wrong. The Mountie said: I have a flat tire. You have a jack. Change my tire.  The man said: But I gotta go to the market.  Mountie: No, I’m ordering you to change my tire. So he stayed  and changed the tire. And then the policeman said: By the way I’m giving you a ticket. The man: What for? Mountie: You’re parked illegally.  He thought: that’s really crazy because the Mountie was one that told me to park here. So he took his case to the judge. The judge said: $5 fine. The man got mad and said: God damn. Bang, another $5 for swearing. That sort of thing happened.

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