Does JC history matter?

I don’t think a lot of the grand nephews and nieces know the family history because we don’t talk about that sort of thing. Why bring back memories that are unpleasant?  You want to forget about it. Shikataganai. I don’t think it’s necessary for them to know. They haven’t really asked about it. Society is becoming more and more interracial. They think nothing of marrying somebody who is not Japanese. My nephew, Sus’s first son, is married to a Korean girl.

I think it is important to know about Japanese Canadian history but I don’t know whether we should keep on talking about it.  Some people who worked on the Japanese redress may think that I’m too easy. It’s in the past so I feel that we should let it go. We should not forget about our heritage, but on the other hand we shouldn’t hang on to it, and keep bringing it up over and over again. I think what’s happened has happened so people will remember it. Who knows? 200 years from now who will care?  That’s the way I feel.

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