How Do We Identify?

Our history and relationship with our ethnicity is unique because we are both Chinese and Japanese. Especially when we were younger, we felt more defined by the Chinese side of our family history. Since we look more Chinese than we do Japanese, people tend to judge us based on the Chinese stereotypes. This has impacted how we connect and embody the different sides of our family. 

Furthermore, it became important for us to make the distinction between being Japanese and being Japanese-Canadian. As part of the yonsei generation, the culture we were raised in did not match what we and the rest of our peers knew about Japan. In turn, there was a pervasive feeling that we were less Japanese. Growing up came with the realization that what we have might be different but it is equally important and just as valid as a culture. Once we were able to make this distinction and understand why we might feel different it has become easier to embrace who we are.

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