Loss of community

NOTE: Janice is Jean’s daughter

Janice: I think my dad would have been so much better off if he and his family had gone into internment camps. He would have had community. I think all the families would have done better being together with other Japanese families.

Jean: When I first went to school in Lockport, it was mostly a farming community. A lot of German and Ukrainian people. I wasn’t very well accepted at first in school until a couple of girls befriended me. People who were in internment camps went to school together and had friends. When they talk about their experiences, I think: Gee that must have been nice. Many have something in common and know each other today from being of that same community.

Janice: I think if you had the community it would have been better. The culture would have been there. The acceptance and feeling of belonging was missing for my mom and dad’s families.


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