3 – On Education

It was difficult to learn about the forced uprooting and internment of the Japanese Canadians growing up because it was not taught in Ontario when I was in school. It is not much better for my kids even here in BC today where it is an integral part of their history. It is great to see some wonderful resources being developed and cultural centres playing key roles in education throughout the country. Many Japanese Canadians are telling their stories through artistic and written works, through manga and theatre, song, poetry and prose.  Academia has also contributed to a fuller understanding of this history. Everything helps, with the caveat that the community must be fully engaged and involved in the telling of this history. I think there is still much to be uncovered and not all of it can be done by the community alone. People from outside the community can be extremely useful in bringing perspectives to the topic, but it is essential that they have spent the time to engage with and sought to forge solid and mutual relationships within the community.

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