Property dispossession

In Mount Lehman, my parents built the farm from scratch. They had a two storey, eight room house. Plus they had a picker house and barns. They also had chickens. They owned a truck to transport fruit to the Empress jam factory.

Before they were forcibly removed, my father rented the property and sold the crops. All that money was taken by the government. In the end, I think he got less than a quarter of what it was worth. How ironic that my parents had to pay for their own evacuation.

There are 60 pages of correspondence and things from my father on the Landscapes of Injustice (LOI) website. This is where much of the aforementioned information was gleaned only recently.

It’s very sad to read the LOI report. Very sad. We didn’t have any relatives which made it more difficult for my parents. It was only my mom, dad, sister and I. They had no other relatives to fall back on in times of need.

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