Biography, Self-Identity

Name: Nicola Akiko Tabata

Pronouns: She/her

Birthplace: New Westminster, Canada

DOB: in 1994

Life Events: Graduated with BA Philosophy and Sociology 2018, Taking MA International Relations/Political Science (2019-present); married 2019

Identify as Japanese Canadian

Whenever I am asked the question “What are you?” I, like many people of colour, have learned that the asker is not inquiring about my nationality or citizenship as someone born in Canada. Rather, they are asking me to classify my “otherness.” Lots of people, including myself to a certain extent, think I look rather racially ambiguous, and so people asking me about my ethnicity often take my “whiteness” as a given. I identity as Japanese Canadian because my friends who are not persons of colour are rarely asked to identify themselves.

Nicola Tabata
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