Family History

My maternal grandmother Tabata passed away from cancer in 1980. Grandfather Tabata passed away before I was born and unfortunately I never learned much about him. From what I know, both of my Tabata grandparents were from Wakayama and immigrated to Canada in the 1910’s.  Grandfather Tabata was a fisherman and the family lived in Steveston, where my mother was born as the ninth of 11 total children.

My paternal grandmother lived to a ripe age of 99 years and was born in Vancouver in 1913. Grandfather Iwanaka immigrated to Canada in the 1930’s with his older brother and he worked at various sawmills until WWII.Then he became a landscaper in his later years before retiring and getting involved with Tonari Gumi and the Vancouver Buddhist Temple. My father was born in Cumberland, BC.

My two older sisters were both born in New Westminster and we all grew up in Coquitlam.

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