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A linocut image, in black, against a white background, of a young girl, with straight, chin-length hair, bangs, and freckles across her cheeks.

Rapids and Replica

It’s not the 1940s, but a whole slough of inheritance, littered with dead leaves and charged with memory, weighed in greyscale, nets cast and prey caught, hundreds upon hundreds upon thousands of voices, each curing the others in moonlight, quicksand, some arc of cello, languid and long, half stretching and half succumbing, just letting itself...Continue reading

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Backyard on a grey day, showing a clothesline, on which laundry is hanging to dry. The grass below and trees in the background are a deep green. There is also a shed in the background that is dark brown, beside which there is a parked car. The image appears to be from roughly the 1960s.

A Slip

My family’s history is a slip tucked under a dress to make self into something else, a thing less driven, less raged less gutted, milked, less ink on the page, some thing to transform being into body, body into subject, subject to sew, a certain seed, to make go, make go like this, to and...Continue reading

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