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How Do We Identify?

Our history and relationship with our ethnicity is unique because we are both Chinese and Japanese. Especially when we were younger, we felt more defined by the Chinese side of our family history. Since we look more Chinese than we do Japanese, people tend to judge us based on the Chinese stereotypes. This has impacted...Continue reading

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Grandma’s Impact on Us

Our grandma, Yukiko, was warm, caring, and loved us unconditionally. She never spoke Japanese to us or talked to us about our roots, but since we were young we thought nothing of it. Our grandma was a product of all that she experienced in her life, and while she took pride in being Japanese, she...Continue reading

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Our Family History

Our grandparents were born in the 1920’s in Vancouver BC. Their parents had immigrated to the Canadian West Coast from Gunma, Nagano, and Hiroshima. During the war, our grandmother and grandfather along with their families were interned in Tashme. Both of them were young adults during the time of the internment and had finished high...Continue reading

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