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The Power of History

Why does Japanese Canadian history matter today? To me, Japanese Canadian history matters because it is my history. My family’s history. My great-grandparents moved to Canada and because of that decision, three generations later I call myself Canadian. I carry the language, culture, and legacies of my ancestors inside me. To the community, Japanese Canadian...Continue reading

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Reflections on Intermarriage

Photo: my paternal great-grandparents in Moose Jaw, date unknown. From left: George Chohei Endo, Tomie Endo, Dorothy Greenaway, Mel Greenaway. It’s one of the most fascinating things I notice at Japanese Canadian events – there are inter-racial families everywhere! It’s easy for me to believe that within all racialized communities, Japanese Canadians have the highest...Continue reading

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Family History

Photo: George Chohei Endo and Tomie Endo with their first daughter, Doreen Fumiko Endo, my paternal grandmother, circa 1931, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan I will start with my grandmother. She was a nisei – her parents moved to Canada from a small town near Sendai in Miyagi-ken, and they settled in Saskatchewan. My grandmother was the...

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