Mayu Takasaki

I was born in Vancouver in 1952 to Kazuo and Toshiko Takasaki (nee Niwatsukino). Both my parents had been born in Steveston, BC, and both sets of grandparents came from Kagoshima. My parents and I lived in Tashme until I was 5. After the war, Tashme had become the camp for the Allison Pass sawmill where my dad worked and my mom was the camp cook. In 1957 we moved to Steveston where I grew up within its large, vibrant Japanese Canadian community.

I graduated from UBC with a BA in East Asian Studies. After graduation I went to live in Kyoto for 2-1/2 years. I came back to Vancouver in 1977, in the midst of the Japanese Canadian Centennial celebrations. Immediately I started working at Tonari Gumi, and volunteered for the first Powell Street Festival. I have continued to be involved in the Japanese Canadian community with the Powell Street Festival, Katari Taiko, Tonari Gumi, redress, and the Vancouver Taiko Society.

I am now fully retired after working as a freelance bookkeeper.