Yosh Arai

When I was born at VGH, there was a picture of me being brought back from the VGH.  [My parents] moved down to Powell Street, Lion Rooms. I don't know if it's still there. Next door to Fuji Chop Suey.

Born at Vancouver General Hospital in 1922.

Lived on Powell Street in the Lion Rooms before moving to 151 East 10th Avenue in Mount  Pleasant in Vancouver.

Interned with family in Grand Forks self-supporting community 1942-1949.

Worked in nearby Carmi at a sawmill during internment for 3.5 years.

Also worked as a first aide attendant in Carmi, Grand Forks and later in Vancouver.

Together with long-time good friend named John Reid, purchased a dry-cleaning business on West 10th after the war with a branch on Dunbar.

Sold the business in 1952 and started his own company Wesco Agencies, importing primarily wire rope and nylon fishing nets from Japan. Retired in 1984.

Married Sumiko “Sue” Imayoshi in 1957, and they had three daughters, Louise, Patricia and Dianne.  Sue passed away in 1990.

Involved with Redress and other community initiatives to create opportunities for JC seniors to get together.

How do you identify? I say I’m Japanese Canadian.