Navigating the Site

You can view all the posts by clicking on Stories in the menu bar. The posts are listed in date order. The newest posts are at the top and the oldest at the end. View all stories

Sort by generation
Alternately, you can use the dropdown menu to filter stories by generation. Select the generation in the drop down menu: Issei, Nisei, Sansei or Yonsei. You'll see all the posts related to contributors from that specific generation.

Sort by tag or topic
You can click on a tag and view all the entries pertaining to a specific topic. Go to the "Stories" page and you'll see all the tags on the bottom right hand side of the screen below the Contributors. You can also go to the "Contributors" page and you'll see all the tags at the bottom of the screen. If you'd like to see all the posts about "Family History," click on the tag and you'll see all the relevant posts. View all tags

Sort by contributor
If you want to see all the posts by a specific contributor, go to the "Contributors" page and click on the name or photo of the contributor. You'll be taken to their biography and will see "View Posts" below their photo. Click on "View Posts" and you'll see the entries of the contributor. View all contributors