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Family History

My father, Yoshio, was born and raised in Vancouver, the oldest of six children of Arthur Kozo (1887-1957) and Tomeko (1901-1992) Arai. In 1942, after signing an agreement which stipulated that no one in the family would ever ask the government for financial assistance, Dad’s family was allowed to move, intact, to Sunnyside farm, about...Continue reading

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Language Classes

I’m sure my parents wanted us kids to learn to speak Japanese in the hopes that we might develop an interest Japanese culture. Growing up, my sisters and I were forced to attend Saturday morning Japanese language classes at Kitsilano Community Centre for about five seemingly extra long years. For me, that was from ages...Continue reading

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A Very Personal Thing

Raising children… That’s a very difficult question for me. Because my parents were very… gentle. Never laid a hand on us. It was always gentle. Um… they never… said anything about doing the wrong thing or a bad thing, except not to… they said, Don’t deface your family’s name. I remember that. But… I married…...Continue reading

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Grandma’s Impact on Us

Our grandma, Yukiko, was warm, caring, and loved us unconditionally. She never spoke Japanese to us or talked to us about our roots, but since we were young we thought nothing of it. Our grandma was a product of all that she experienced in her life, and while she took pride in being Japanese, she...Continue reading

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Child Rearing

Yosh wasn’t sure whether past harsh treatment of his family affected the way he raised his children. He expected his children to do well in school. When asked if he felt that JC’s had to be better because of the way they were treated, Yosh responded: Japanese Canadians were better [in school]. However, he agreed...Continue reading

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Child rearing

I do not think the knowledge of our family history has influenced the way we raised our children. Our values and the way we raised our kids were very traditional. They are interested in their family history to varying degrees and only in recent years since I have been active in working on JC projects...Continue reading

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