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Scanned newspaper from July 1, 1940 that lists black and white advertisement of local businesses including Mrs. F Isomura, Dressmaker at 1918 Commerical Drive

Family History

When she first arrives on a steamship from Yokohama, great-grandmother Fusa Isomura lives on Powell Street with her husband, Tsuruo. She opens a dressmaking shop in the 1930's at 1918 Commercial Drive and pays $20 rent per month. They live in the back of the shop with three sons, Soichi, Toshio, and Hideharu, and a black Airedale terrier who might have called Blackie.Continue reading

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Schooling in Greenwood

Photo: Students at Sacred Heart School in Greenwood Photo courtesy: Nikkei National Museum 2015. We went to a Catholic school in Greenwood. We attended Sacred Heart school for eight years. We never spoke English before we enrolled in school. The instructions were in English. And we either said: yes or no. And when we played...Continue reading

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