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The Sato Gene

Most of what I learned of the internment was briefly taught in school, and from the MJCCA. The suffering and loss was not described in a personal level in my family. I learned much of my family’s involvement as an adult, but we had always held on to things, and loathed to waste, keeping careful...Continue reading

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Intergenerational trauma

I am not sure if I can classify anything that can be considered “intergenerational trauma” but I do think being incarcerated impacted on one’s thinking and actions.  In some people it may have manifested in one’s feeling of self-worth as it was oftentimes reinforced that Japanese Canadians were less equal than others through the restrictions...Continue reading

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Story about Intergenerational Trauma

In 2019 I went to a pan-American conference of JC communities. It was held in San Francisco, and featured a youth panel which presented discussions and topics from young delegates. We discussed virtual obon, and other ways to connect with each other over distances. An older local attendee criticized the youth representatives about the focus...Continue reading

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