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First winter

My mom’s family are story tellers. Family gatherings and dinners would usually end up with them talking about their past – growing up in pre-war Steveston and then the war years in Turin, Alberta working the sugar beet fields. And their stories would often include some humour which would result in much laughter. I think...Continue reading

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War years

When the Japanese Canadians were required to relocate a minimum of 100 miles from the Coast, the family decided to move to Alberta to work in the sugar beet fields.  This decision was made so that the family could remain together as there was much uncertainty about the future at this time. (L) Yui Higo ...Continue reading

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Sugar beets

[When we were forced to move off the west coast], we moved to Raymond, Alberta to do sugar beets. We didn’t know anything about farming whatsoever and had to learn from scratch. Some congregation members would come and help us. I remember you had to leave the sugar beet plants about 10 to 12 inches...Continue reading

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