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Our Family History

Our grandparents were born in the 1920’s in Vancouver BC. Their parents had immigrated to the Canadian West Coast from Gunma, Nagano, and Hiroshima. During the war, our grandmother and grandfather along with their families were interned in Tashme. Both of them were young adults during the time of the internment and had finished high...Continue reading

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Scanned newspaper from July 1, 1940 that lists black and white advertisement of local businesses including Mrs. F Isomura, Dressmaker at 1918 Commerical Drive

Family History

When she first arrives on a steamship from Yokohama, great-grandmother Fusa Isomura lives on Powell Street with her husband, Tsuruo. She opens a dressmaking shop in the 1930's at 1918 Commercial Drive and pays $20 rent per month. They live in the back of the shop with three sons, Soichi, Toshio, and Hideharu, and a black Airedale terrier who might have called Blackie.Continue reading

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